Appointment Setting Tips – Your Own Holiday Emergencies

No appointments setting campaign should be vulnerable to emergencies. But with the winter holiday seasons coming, you might be taken aback as to how different some of these emergencies can be compared to what you usually contend with in appointment setting.

Therefore, that is only more reason why you need to get ready for them.

When Some Things Become More Important Than Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting, Appointment Setting Services, Sales LeadsThe thing about what makes these types of emergencies difficult is that they could take fare more importance than the leads (and even sales) generated by appointment setting. Remember, the holiday season holds a very special place in many people’s hearts, including those inside business. Because of that, some emergencies could have greater importance:

  • The snowed-in emergency – Suppose one of your salespeople just successfully closed the deal. Your appointment setting service is ready to set them up for more health leads that have been qualified. All of a sudden, you get a call saying they are stuck in the clinic or hospital and cannot make it. The reason? They are snowed-in. Never underestimate the impact of natural disasters on your appointment setting plans.

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  • The family emergency – These emergencies not only occur for salespeople but also prospects! Either one can likely come to your appointment setting services and request a reschedule for more personal reasons. Maybe your salesman has kids in an upcoming Christmas play or that children’s hospital you have been meaning to close a deal with is too busy planning a special event for its own patients.
  • The vacation emergency – Family or not, everyone will use this season as a reason to take a few days off (at minimum). Your salespeople could be burnt out. The same goes for the doctors you just qualified. A sudden decision to adopt a holiday vacation plan could complicate the ones you set via appointment setting.

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The thing about these emergencies is that they tie directly with what the holidays mean to everyone. From simply being snowed-in after a blizzard to the more personal reasons like family, this is a rare time when ideas like appointment setting just have to make way.

One mistake though is to automatically think that the holiday season should not be a time for appointment setting at all. Your sales leads are still not wasted. On the contrary, there is still a lot of things you can do for appointment setting even with the possibility of having any client meetings at all:

  • Be more prepared – Naturally, your appointment setting strategy should be more open to these emergencies. This makes them more prepared.
  • Respond with quick change – Your appointment setting service must also be ready to change dates or even postpone several meetings until both prospects and sales get everything sorted out.
  • Be more compensating – Compensation is already an emergency tactic in appointment setting. If someone just cannot make it to the meeting, avoid discussing postponements without decent compensation.

Nobody wants their appointment setting plans messing with people’s holiday spirit. You can always close your healthcare sales leads at a later date.

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