Appointment Setting Tips – What Season Is It?

Keeping an eye on the seasons is always important in appointment setting. It affects everything from the openness of clients to their availability for client meetings. On the other hand, sometimes even the prospects are more likely to confuse you as to what the season could mean for your lead generation campaign.

Getting Seasonal Facts For Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting, B2B Appointment Setting, Lead GenerationUnless you have never been exposed to the Looney Tunes all your life, you may have heard this before:

“It’s Wabbit Season!”

“Duck Season.”

“Wabbit Season!!”

“Duck Season.”

“Wabbit Season!!!”

“…Wabbit Season.”

“Duck Season! FIRE!”

And bam, there goes Daffy Duck’s bill yet again. And believe it or not, sometimes you get the same thing in appointment setting. You call one or two prospects and they all have conflicting responses with regards to the season. Some doctors will tell you that they get real busy this time of year to think about doing business. Others wonder why you have not been calling sooner because tis the season they need businesses like yours the most.

So how do you skip wasting time like poor Elmer Fudd and just get to firing your marketing and sales pitches?

  • Get all the facts – And by facts, that does not just mean the facts from your medical leads. Read news resources and publications regarding your target healthcare market. You do not even need an expensive subscription when online resources also exist. By staying tuned to what your target industry wants, you are staying in tune with their culture.
  • Do a small survey – The same resources you used in appointment setting can also be used to run a small survey before you actually start marketing. Then by the time you do, prospects who claim otherwise will have a harder time arguing against your own data. For maximum effect, outsource someone who can do the survey on your behalf so that you have an independent third party vouching for you.

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  • Check prospect’s awareness – Sometimes a prospect is just not aware of their own needs during a particular season. (Such can be the case of small practices just starting out.) Be ready to offer quick advice and tell. Do not forget to cite sources in case you feel skeptical. Finally, make sure you also get them to draw from their own experience and re-evaluate it in case they did not notice anything the first time.

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  • If all else fails, keep shooting – By that, it does not mean keep pitching your prospect. Perhaps some prospects are just different from all the rest and they like it that way. There is no need to feel so glum when you have other appointment setting candidates. The best part is that if you did your homework, you still have a high chance of getting leads despite a few rejections.

Make no mistake, prospect and customer input are still important. It just means they do not necessarily have all the facts. Sometimes you will need more homework than that to successfully generate enough B2B leads. Your lead generation services should learn to inform themselves however they can to learn what season it really is.

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