Appointment Setting Tips – Marketing In A Rough Town

Much like in consumer marketing, your appointment setting campaign might set you up with different types of prospects. While these can include prestigious hospitals and respectable small practices, it can also set you up with prospects who are located in a rougher part of town.

And while your salespeople are called to be professional, you might have some who suddenly have a different temperament once they hear a particular city’s name. Whether it is fictional crime zones like Gotham or real life drug havens such as Ciudad Juarez, dangerous cities continue to exist well into the 21st century.

When Appointment Setting Puts Sales In A Dangerous Neighborhood

Appointment Setting, B2B Appointment Setting, Lead GenerationStill, you have to do what you have to do. You cannot discriminate against any prospect regardless of where they are located. Limiting your appointment setting to prospects who appear to be ‘safe’ or ‘stable’ makes you out as elitist. Your medical leads should be qualified based on more relevant and objective standards than just a city’s reputation for attracting men with drugs and armed goons.

To be realistic though, your salespeople should not come unprepared. You can arm them with information about where they would be going. (And even if your salespeople can have a long distance meeting, you still have other employees like your delivery personnel who need to go.)

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And like any proper lead generation process, the information you need is as follows:

  • The prospect – Start with a background check on the prospect and his or her practice. Who are they? When did they start? Do not forget to ask if they have the budget as well. In fact, you should even make a small note to ask them why are they setting up a practice in such a dangerous town? A good qualification process can spell the difference between doing business with a professional of noble intentions and someone with shadier connections.
  • The town – Getting a few facts about the town will not be so hard if you do a bit of googling. In fact, it is usually through the internet that plenty of people are made aware of a city’s negative reputation. Besides, you cannot have a B2B appointment setting campaign that does not take local info into consideration as it ties with a prospect’s business address. Include helpful tidbits in the appointment details like safe zones, good places to stay, and setting the right time to meet with a prospect.
  • The appointment – Speaking of which, you cannot forget the appointment details themselves. Do not forget that this is also something that you and the prospect need to agree on. (As a side note, refrain from turning them off if they are not all that concerned with a town’s reputation.) To be safe, get a prospect interested enough and ask for their suggestion first. In addition, if you normally have sales meetings over long distance communication, then at least be courteous enough to make sure they are fine with it.

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Finally, constantly remind yourself to treat the prospect as properly as you would any other. No matter how bad the town can be, your medical lead generation campaign should continue to find opportunities to serve.

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