Appointment Setting Tips – Explaining The Hassle

Some doctors think that the whole appointment setting process can be just a hassle. When it comes to something as simple as sending over supplies, it does sound like they got logic on their side. However, you might want to think twice before speeding up your screening and lead qualification process.

Appointment Setting As A Tool For Staying Compliant

Appointment Setting, Appointment Setting Services, Lead GenerationHealthcare is a highly regulated industry. You cannot just sell medicine to anyone. Otherwise, there would be no need for prescriptions and groups like the FDA would have no purpose. In fact, it is not just supplies. Certain medical devices also require some sort of approval from both you and before that, a higher governing body just to sell.

Unfortunately, there will always be some prospects who see it as excess bureaucracy and whether they are right or wrong, it does compromise the interest you generate for medical leads. It is pretty disheartening to get the market excited only to give them a cold shower after they realize what they have to go through for a mere purchase.

While you should do everything to make appointment setting as easy on your prospect’s part, some legal essentials just cannot be left out. A few of these would be:

  • Certification – You do not just ship drugs to anyone who gives you a phone call. When you are marketing specifically to just doctors (or even to just one type of doctor), you need some sort of certification. Some might get defensive or even demand why you ask but that only means you should be patient enough to tell them the obvious.

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  • Prospect details – A good appointment setting process takes note of only the most important details. That not only indicates details that tell you a prospect has enough money to buy. Details like prospect location as well as their reputation in the area are also worth consulting.
  • Checking for bad processes – Speaking of reputation, your appointment setting services must obviously ensure your prospects are not doing anything illegal or at least against protocol. Certain products like injections require only certified nurses to administer for example.

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  • Overall understanding of the qualification process – When you think about it, you might as well use the appointment to help make a prospect understand why it is all necessary. So long as the law is on your side, you have every right to enforce regulations. If not, it would spell bad news for not just you as their supplier but also for their own practice.

Finally, despite all justification, always be sympathetic. You have to admit that hassle goes both ways. Having a hard time selling is just as bad as having a hard time buying! Putting them in the same space does not help. At the very least, it helps to know you both are preventing something much worse. Have your appointment setting and B2B lead generation services help with the hassle!

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