Appointment Setting Campaigns Are Like Haunted Places

Like many seasonal celebrations, Halloween doesn’t just have you dressing up yourself. It dresses up your house as well! But when you learn more about the tropes and folkore around haunted houses, they can teach you a few surprising lessons about attracting the right customers while scaring the wrong ones away!

Such lessons are can help you improve your appointment setting strategies so that you can avoid wasting time meeting with the wrong customer.

Da-da-da-dum.... da-da-da-dum..

Usually, when a place becomes haunted it’s popularly depicted as undergoing a creepy, demoralizing process of decay. Pretty things like flowers and green grass don’t grow anymore. Potential residents of the mortal kind start avoiding the place. The weather is in a constant state of gloom.

Yet despite this, not everyone avoids it. It only attracts a different sort of crowd.

Like the Addams family!

Okay, so maybe the Addams aren’t the kind of people you don’t want to do business with. But that’s not really the point. The point is that you’ll eventually attract some sort of attention and it’s really up to your marketers on how that attention can convert into sales leads, sales appointments, and eventually, long-term customers.

  • Decide on what your churn rate means – Customer churn rate shouldn’t just be a sort of information that leaves your sales reps crippled and helpless. On the contrary, that’s often one of the mistakes when it comes to it’s to be understood. Rather, it should be used to make the final decision on what kind of customers you want to retain and the kind you want to gradually go away.
  • Explain the value of repulsion – Not everyone might immediately jump in with your decision to turn away certain types of customers. That’s why your lead generation process should excel in gathering customer data. Presenting hard facts is a sure way to prove why some customers just can’t help with sustainability.
  • Keep a sharp eye on the data – But of course, data can have a limited lifespan. What seems an easy sell now might get tougher in the future. It’s one of the reasons why Tesco is currently in the hot seat in spite of its status as a poster child of data-driven marketing. If the data should ever change, be prepared to change quickly with it.

Whether as a fictional setting, a Halloween gimmick, or even a real place, haunted places have a natural way of demonstrating the fear-attraction paradox. B2B organizations however should study this paradox and understand how it can help them get a hold of the right customers.

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