Accidents Inside and Outside Lead Generation Campaigns

Those in the medical industry are always prepared in times of emergency. Accidents happen. And while prevention is better than cure, that’s part of getting ready all the same.

Although, this doesn’t only apply to medical emergencies. It’s also good to prepare for marketing emergencies that compromise the outcome of company sales.

There’ve been a lot of accidents this past week. There’s the recent celebrity nude scandal that’s left Tim Cook on higher alert. After that, another hacker breached the Affordable Care website Believe it or not, these can very close to the kind of accidents you’re exposed to every day as you try to generate medical leads. Specific examples include:

  • Database breach – What do your leads comprise of? Contact data. CEO names. Private exchanges. Sensitive insider information. These are all sensitive information that could lead to its own mess should they fall in the wrong hands.
  • Hacked alterations – Malicious hackers can not only steal data, but possibly alter it. They could change the date of your appointments. Names could get mixed up. Or worse, they could delete key entries completely and put the entire sales process to a devastating halt.
  • Stolen company secrets – The exchanges you  make with prospects not only include their secrets but yours as well. A compromised database could mean valuable information could be in the hands of corporate spies and less than friendly competitors.
  • Accidental alterations – Finally, sometimes the danger could be your own marketers and lead generators. Another recent accident involved the Discovery Museum after a chemistry demonstration went terribly wrong. The cause? Pure neglect. So if a museum employee can have these kinds of accidents, how is it any different in the daily bustle of your marketing department?

Today’s medical industry thrives on a balanced combination of promoting wellness and prevention while at the same time preparing themselves in case those preventions fail. This mindset however shouldn’t just be limited to hospitals and emergency rooms. Your marketers and lead generators should also be aware of what kind of accidents happen, how to handle them, and how to keep them from happening again.

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