A Quick Guide in LinkedIn B2B Marketing

No content marketing strategy is complete without a strong social media strategy. As Jay Baer says, social media is the fuel to set your content on fire. According to 2013 research from CMI and MarketingProfs, B2B marketers use an average of five social media channels to distribute content, whereas B2C marketers use four. Whether you’re just getting started with social media or looking to fine-tune your plan, this guide is for your LinkedIn B2B Marketing.A Quick Guide in LinkedIn B2B Marketing

Spruce up your company page. Company pages offer a platform to share diverse types of content, yet many brands are notably absent on the professional network. Rope your page in, update the cover photo, add boilerplate information, and start sharing.

Encourage staff members to stay plugged in. People who work at your organization (especially execs) can connect their personal profiles to your brand, creating a new source of content that your audience can follow.

Think quality, not quantity. LinkedIn users tend to be overwhelmed when brands and individuals over-share. Make sure you’re only sharing the highest quality content you create for your brand.

Participate in groups. Participating in LinkedIn group discussions is a great way to demonstrate thought leadership and strike up conversations that could lead to new business. Share your content and interact with other group members to establish a strong rapport.

Leverage user-generated content with recommendations. Bringing in a steady stream of recommendations from clients or customers provides a renewable source of user- generated content.

Social enterprise software developer Salesforce maintains a clean LinkedIn company page, to which nearly 10,000 employees have connected.

  • Page administrators typically post only 2-3 times a day.
  • The company’s 12 products include 914 recommendations.

Among lead generating sites, LinkedIn has been proven to produce quite measured results for both professional and non-professional market and its target audience. This widely used platforms changed how B2B marketing see its potentials.

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