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5 Tips to Find the Best Medical Equipment Supplier Online

Medical equipment supplier leads in this day and age are not that difficult to find because you can buy anything online. It’s convenient, easy, and fast.

For medical clinics and physician’s offices, buying medical equipment online can be a huge timesaver and can make your life at work so much easier. It used to be that the only way to purchase or lease medical equipment was through specialty equipment dealers. This required time consuming visits to dealers and suppliers, as well as laborious negotiations.

Those days are (for the most part) gone. Now, medical equipment managers can research products, review prices, and place orders online within an hour, and have all the necessary equipment shipped directly to their offices or find a steady business to business partner that will supply them with the best medical supplies in the market. Either way, it can be accomplished smoothly.

Before you decide to finalize your purchase, check out our tips for finding the best medical equipment online, and getting the best price, the highest quality and customer service you can rely on.

  1. Check for Company Reviews. Before making any purchases, make sure that the companies you’re planning on working with have a good reputation and are legally allowed to sell medical equipment. Check that they have all the proper licenses and real experience servicing medical equipment. Our medical leads are top of their business and can be a great prospect when it comes to providing quality medical supplies.
  1. Ask About Discounts for Large Orders. Another thing to think about when selecting an online medical equipment supplier is whether they offer discounts for bulk orders. Many online retailers offer steep discounts, sometimes on top of already low prices, for bulk purchases. Always inquire about bulk discounts, especially for your smaller and more common purchases. Ordering in bulk is a huge money and time saver.
  1. Find Out About Shipping Coverage. Don’t assume that all retailers will ship to your location. Find out which areas a prospective company covers, and ask if they have extra shipping costs for certain locations. Some retailers charge a premium to ship across borders or overseas. Suddenly that great price on stethoscopes has jumped, and is now costing you double, because it’s coming from an out-of-country retailer. Imagine finding a medical supplier that is just in your area because our database covers seven countries around the globe.
  1. Negotiate. Don’t always assume the price you find online is the final price. Many savvy purchasers take that as starting point for negotiating prices or shipping fees. You’ll know if the price you see online is a good one, but that doesn’t mean you can’t negotiate on shipping or bulk pricing.
  1. Consider Used Medical Equipment. To see some significant cost-savings, consider purchasing used medical equipment. Oftentimes, this equipment is coming off of a lease and has been well-maintained. It’s common to find newest generation equipment for steep discount off their new prices. Always ensure used equipment has been re-calibrated and you have a certification noting when and by who the calibration was performed. Keep this with your documents for all equipment. Don’t be too worry about running out of steady leads, we can get back on the track.
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