Sharing Expertise Should Not Involve Character Assassination

Political and legal implications aside, how often do you see healthcare professionals sharing expertise… and resorting to character assassination?

Hopefully, it’s not that often. But if you’ve ever ventured to touchier topics like vegetarianism, the organic movement, and medical marijuana, your chances of encountering this will increase. Exponentially even.

Ideally, this isn’t the best behavior for any professional whether they’re medical doctors or the B2B organizations that support their work. Still, reality always seems one step ahead of the perfect world.

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Medical Lead Generation Tips – Prospects Test Your Readiness

Ever feel like your prospects do nothing but put you to the test? Well, that’s often expected in healthcare. It’s not like there’s very little at stake.

But whether you like or not, your medical lead generation campaign needs the test to really prove you are good enough to serve your clients.

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Appointment Setting Tips – Doing One Thing Wrong Doesn’t Mean They’re Not Better

A usual routine in appointment setting involves finding a process your prospect doesn’t do very well and say you have the resources to do it better.

But while problem solving is essential for building up rapport and relevance, it can be misleading in one small way. Just because a prospect doesn’t do one thing right doesn’t mean they’re completely shabby.

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Medical Leads and Medical Inquiry – It’s Really the Prospect’s Initiative

A typical fear for first time marketers is fear of invading prospect privacy. And for those charged with generating medical leads, it can be a whole lot worse. Probing questions into a prospect’s practices can spark a rather heated defense. It can be like a doctor asking about gun ownership and the patient reacting with accusations of invading private matters.

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