Non-Medics in Your Medical Leads

These days, the healthcare industry is going to include more and more people with less and less medical knowledge. And surprise! This isn’t entirely a bad thing. In fact, you might want to change your lead generation strategy once non-medical prospects are being counted among your medical leads.

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Sharing Expertise Goes Beyond Biology and Anatomy

When people think healthcare expert, oftentimes people are thinking cells, medicine, disease, and an advanced degree. They don’t necessarily think of bureaucracy, management, and business. Healthcare is more often represented as the doc in the lab coat, not a bunch of corporate suits.

Reality of course paints a different picture (and for some it’s not pretty). There’s plenty of business expertise needed in the industry of healthcare. The good news is that this no longer means you have to be a neurosurgeon just to share insight that can be valuable in the healthcare market.

Now why does this matter again? Secondly, what exactly are the areas that require expertise besides that of human anatomy and biology?

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Are Your Medical Leads Taking a Beating?

Broken. That’s the word that best describes a lot of Brazilians after being utterly blindsided by Germany in the World Cup semi-finals. But while you may not be a sports fan, a quick search can make for easy guesses as to why the spectacular loss. (One of which was the absence of its star player Neymar.)

A defeat like this can serve as a cautionary tale to those who run seemingly ‘successful’ marketing campaigns but not realize the beating that’s taking place. For all the medical leads you’ve racked up, it may not matter if the proverbial truck carrying them winds up tipping over.

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Medical Lead Generation Tips – Relying on Business Weathermen

Weather forecasts are typically consulted prior to big outdoor events like the Thanksgiving Parade and, of course, this year’s 4th of July. Fireworks. Barbecues. It’s hard to have any of these when your local weatherman is predicting some rainfall.

In the same sense, marketers in the healthcare industry often turn their attention to industry news when planning lead generation campaigns. For them, anything that impacts the industry itself would logically impact their target markets. Examples can include the recent impact of Obamacare on the demand for nurses.

Still, if the weatherman isn’t always right, can the same be said of industry news?

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