Getting Health Leads from Those Staying Healthy

Handling a sports team can be like handling a business in of itself. The star players aren’t just the employees. The audience is not just the paying customer. It makes sense that plenty of health and fitness related businesses throw their services at their feet as a means to keep everyone in top shape. Look at what Johnson & Johnson is doing as an official sponsor.

These teams however aren’t the only kinds of business prospects that fit this description. If you’re looking for health leads beyond individual care, there are plenty of organizations that demand just as much fitness from their own work force.

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Go for the Alpha When Sharing Expertise?

In the new animated film How to Train Your Dragon 2, you got to see more of the ecological aspects of world’s dragons. What’s particularly noteworthy was the use of alpha domination. Like many real animals, dragons can be dominated (even against their will) by an alpha who in turn can only be challenged by another of equal strength.

So when sharing expertise to a prospect organization, it seems to make just as much sense to go for its own alpha. Wouldn’t medical leads come faster if you could simply influence the one whose authority overrides that of all others?

You’re forgetting what it takes to even get their attention.

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Getting Medical Leads by Going to Great Lengths to Disrupt Competitors

Is it always worth going to great lengths for your medical leads? It’s a consensus among marketers that your old customers generate more value to your business than the new ones you acquire.

Why then are so many businesses still bent on getting new customers? Perhaps the real reason is that, while they’re not as valuable, converting a new customer into a repeat one is what gives them more value over time.

But what of a situation where you are openly challenged by a prospect to prove your worth against a competitor? Do they still think you have a shot or are they just looking to validate their decision?

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