Using Medical Leads to Encourage Responsibility

For those working in healthcare, they don’t want just convenience. They want convenience to translate into productivity. That’s why when you’re trying to generate medical leads, don’t just try and appeal to their need for easier work. You should hold them responsible to make the easier job more meaningful.

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When Sharing Expertise, Check How Far Prospects Actually Follow!

It seems that online reviews are affecting even the medical profession. All the more reason to build up your online reputation right? But of course, reviews can be flawed in of themselves. They could come from particularly disgruntled patients. And in your case, is it really all right to know that an unruly practice is out there badmouthing your firm?

Still, that’s the price you pay when you give away advice but don’t make sure if prospects actually follow. It’s like the old flesh wound joke where the tough guy refuses treatment for injury.

Then, again maybe they’re not all tough guys. Maybe they’re the types who actually have trouble following your advice when you’re sharing your expertise.

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When Medical Lead Generation Becomes a Pit Fight

There’s a lot of hate for RFPs among the sales community, including the ones who cater to the healthcare industry. Why is that?

Is it because of the competition? The pickiness of prospects? Does the value of medical lead generation drop because all it does is throw you into these RFP pit fights?

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Medical Lead Generation Tips – Don’t Abuse the Warning Signs

Medical lead generation is like a doctor’s check up in many ways. You diagnoses the healthiness of a practice’s management, test their compliance, and there are any problems, you urge for treatment.

But when you use symptoms too frequently, knowledge of the bad news might end up paralyzing your prospect’s decision. It’s like working under the possibility that the stress could suddenly cause heart problems.  You’d have to be a particularly brave person to keep working, let alone find an organization full of such people.