Outsourced Telemarketing Services – Turning Dependence Into Strength

Dependence can be a form of weakness but like any weakness, it can be turned into a strength. However, the specifics of doing so are also exclusive to the idea of dependence.

For example, take depending on outsourced telemarketing services to keep your leads coming in and keeping business afloat. It can be like a cripple depending on a crutch or an invalid who has to breathe through a respirator.

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4 (More) Pieces Of Information You Need After Appointment Setting

You look at your calendar. It’s going to be another busy month full of sales appointments — or at least that’s what your calendar says. You may think you’re getting face-time with real managers and doctors but in reality you’re probably only scheduling walk-ins. Successful sales appointments need to revolve around real engagement, not just a cold sales pitch. For that, you need to know as much as you can about your prospects, so that your conversations will be warmer and more natural. That’s why, immediately after the appointment setting phase, you’ll need more in-depth research on your prospects.

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The 5 Golden Rules of Following-Up for Health Lead Generation

With an ancient art like prospecting, it’s quite surprising why many of its modern practitioners still fail to follow up with leads the right way. It really goes without saying that marketing and sales folks who overlook this crucial step are wasting a lot of opportunities. From lead generation all the way to closing the deal (and beyond), a clear follow-up plan has to be part of your sales process.

Of course, the follow-up tactics you use vary as the prospect moves further down the funnel. The way you follow up a fresh lead is very different from how you would deal with a prospect who’s already in the decision-making stage. Today’s post looks at prospect follow-up at the first few points in your sales cycle, particularly lead generation. There are plenty of strategies and best practices for following up with leads at such a juncture, but thankfully you only need to take to heart these five timeless rules:

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Medical Telemarketing Tips – Talking About Dependency

Any form of dependency can get unhealthy (some quicker than others). You have drug dependency but you also dependency on technology, data, government aid, venture capital… For medical practices, the list is endless.

However, just as you would carefully approach one person about their addictions, you need to do with same when telemarketing to these organizations.

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Medical Telemarketing Tips – Calling the Edges of Civilization

All doctors are busy. However, that has never really stopped medical telemarketing campaigns has it? All you really need is good timing, knowledge of DNC regulations, and finally a relevant marketing message.

But what if a doctor has more than a busy day at the hospital? What if the doctor doesn’t work in one at all? What if their clinic is practically on the edge of civilization?

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