More Medical Leads, Less Mystery

February brings a lot of ideas that center around romance. This is the month where you’ll read about the dating, the hearts, the flowers, and most importantly, the relationships.

And one thing about relationships is that one shouldn’t really keep secrets. Here’s a funny catch, you think that applies only to couples? Clearly, even business relationships can get rocky when some things are left unsaid.

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Medical Leads Aren’t Always About Medicine

There’s a lot you can learn from the mindset behind the alternative medicine movement.

It’s not just that folks rely too much on chemical based drugs to cure health problems (mentally or physically). Neither is it just about looking for ways besides colorful pills, strange tasting syrups, pointy needles, or paying people with a costly degree.

It’s about knowing that you don’t necessarily need a medicinal product for marketing to healthcare institutions and professionals.

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