Are There Thenardiers Among Your Sales Leads?

If you have ever read or watched Les Miserables, you should know that the Thernadiers are the last people you would want on your list of sales leads. With a film adaptation of the musical coming this December, it is only fitting that you get to know who these shady innkeepers are and why business with them is not worth putting your healthcare support firm in PR jeopardy.

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How Lead Generation Can Target Prospects On The Move

If you think lead generation is hard when your prospects are one place, it can get worse when they are always on the move. With healthcare being no pushover when it comes to innovation, there is now a growing movement in the industry to make it go mobile.

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Getting Sales Leads Based On Patient Culture

You may have already heard plenty about how the culture of your prospect hospitals can affect the sales leads of any medical support business. However, how far have you considered the impact of patient culture as well? Sure, you might think that the best patients are the cured ones, but think about it a little longer. Is there really no connection between how things go in a particular hospital or clinic and whatever happens outside it?

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Lead Generation – An Ordinary Process In The Extraordinary

Like many business processes, lead generation is often seen as mundane. It sounds like only the suits and the business savvy are the types who think it is an important subject (much less an exciting or entertaining one). This only gets worse seeing that those in both B2B healthcare and medical professionals themselves are not all keen on business either.

Some would even think an ordinary process would not exist in an extraordinary world.

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Lead Generation Tips – On Hospitals With A History

Hospitals are a common target for lead generation when you are a supporting healthcare business that likes to aim big. However, never forget that hospitals, whether public or private, are all prestigious institutions. And with that prestige, there comes a lot of history.

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Lead Generation Tips – Measure Other Measures Of Impact

Impact means a lot in lead generation, even in the healthcare industry. As an example, look to Hurricane Sandy. It is clear that many in healthcare are currently still working round the clock to handle the emergencies that rise up during storms.

While marketing might not be the best time, future attempts should take this as a reminder on how major disasters have an effect on services and technology.

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Appointment Setting Tips – Give Relevant Rewards!

In appointment setting, the concept of giving rewards to customers sounds like a consumer gimmick. However, there are plenty who actually advocate it for B2B. As a matter of fact, those in healthcare even receive some form of reward from the government when achieving certain requirements. Why should your business be any different?

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Using Lead Generation In The Fight Against Unseen Epidemics

Lead Generation, Sales Lead Generation, Sales LeadsLead generation is a marketing process and but if there is one thing that marketing is unconventionally good at, it is spreading awareness. As you know, awareness is one of the greatest weapons against disease simply because prevention will always better than cure. It is how epidemics have always been neutralized and dealt with.

Though speaking of epidemics, there are some that do their damage slowly and in long-term consequences in contrast to blatantly lethal images of plagues and contagions. How can your medical lead generation process combat these unseen enemies to public health?

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What Appointment Setting Can Teach You About Preparation

For any services that support healthcare, appointment setting can be considered as an extension of getting people ready in times of disaster. As Hurricane Sandy continues to make the news, medical institutions and other related practices have an obligation to share information that can help citizens prepare for the medical emergencies that might arise.

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