The Prospect Of Negotiating When Pursuing Medical Leads

Healthcare Lead GenerationQuality medical leads must consist of verified information indicating that the targeted institutions or medical professionals are interested in certain B2B medical products or services. However, it’s really important to review why you need that information.

You see, doctors and hospital owners could have all sort of reasons for taking interest in your business. On the other hand, if you don’t know these reasons, then you might be at a disadvantage. That’s why you need to be careful about making false assumptions. You should never assume to know what prospects are thinking when you’re pursuing medical leads. You need to first hear it from the prospects themselves via healthcare lead generation.

For example, what if your company specializes in diagnostic kits but the primary reason why some prospects are interested in you is because you just cost less? You see, in a time when costs of healthcare just only continue to rise, both patients and doctors are looking for ways to make medical bills easier to pay. This can include the cost of medical tools and perhaps your business is being sought out is because you’ve found a way to be more cost-efficient compared to your competitors.

Your low costs in turn could make it easier for the doctors and patients to negotiate price. And according to these statistics from FoxBusiness, it seems healthcare providers are more willing to do that today:

According to a survey of Angie’s List members who asked for discounts from their doctors, 74% said they were successful. ‘We’ve heard some great success stories from members who have successfully negotiated with their health care provider,’ says Angie Hicks, founder of the peer-review website. “It doesn’t hurt to ask. You’ll be amazed at what you can save and still get great care.’”

See that? Now think about it logically, how could that 74% successfully obtain discounts if the doctors didn’t find ways to make their services cost less? How could their services cost less if the tools they used somehow don’t contribute to that reduction?

Obviously, it doesn’t sound like their patients are the only ones who want to negotiate price. This brings you back to the subject of assumptions. What you can ultimately learn from this trend is that you must discover the real reason for why medical prospects are interested in your business. Once you do, the knowledge can help you gain more marketing advantage!

In the case of lower costs, be more open to negotiating and show how you’re aware of the prospect’s needs to lower costs between themselves and their patients. But remember, you can only get that information if you manage to get them to express those needs. Get the information using a mixture of both online and offline methods. Set appointments if they currently have much time but would like to continue discussing costs. All in all, be careful about assuming what prospects want from you and be open to the prospect of negotiating.

Generate Healthcare Sales Leads To Assist Doctors To Monitor Medications!

Medical LeadsWhether it’s those in private practice or those working in medical institutions, many doctors today struggle with getting patients to follow their prescriptions. Now, a new FoxBusiness report claims that this actually contributes to the rising costs of healthcare:

According to The National Consumers League, non adherence costs the country more than $290 billion a year.

‘Three out of four Americans don’t take their medication as prescribed while one-third doesn’t even pick up their medication,’ says Rebecca Burkholder, vice president of Health Policy at the National Consumers League. What’s more, about one-third of hospital admissions are related to not taking medication as directed, she says. ”

Granted, there are just some factors contributing to the rising costs of healthcare which cannot be helped. However, this is likely to be one of the areas where medical technologies and service can assist if they’re in the business of bridging the gaps between doctors and patients. The Fox article states several reasons but believe it or not, they can be remedied with support from a wide range of B2B healthcare industries like:

  • Patient Education Services – You can help patients understand the importance of the prescribed medication. It’s also good to help them identify cost-efficient alternatives as it’s also stated that costs are one of the reasons for neglecting medication.
  • Diagnostic Kits – Your technology can do more than just help doctors give better assessment of a patient’s health. You can also help them identify more generic versions of the prescription drugs and use any produced data to help formulate plans to reduce expenses.
  • Medical Alert Equipment – You can help doctors be more aware by alerting them to patients not taking critical prescriptions.

With both the consequences and the reasons cited above, you can see that it’s all a matter of bridging doctors with their patients. You though need to bridge your B2B services with these doctors via healthcare lead generation. The interesting thing is lead generation can be done through numerous channels. You can get in touch via email or direct mail. You can outsource telemarketing services to contact several in your state. Some even have themselves mentioned in news articles (like the one below):

VanGala has been using technology called PatientPoint to get more patients to adhere to medication. PatientPoint is a tablet-like machine that’s placed in the physician’s office and coordinates with patients’ records. After they sign in, PatientPoint lists the user’s medications and asks about compliance. If the user is not taking the medication, PatientPoint asks why–if cost is the reason the system will automatically print out a manufacturer coupon for the medicine. If side effects are listed as the reason, the doctor will be notified to work out a difference medication or treatment plan.”

Generating medical leads can help you get connected with professionals who need your help improving drug adherence. Invite them to meet with your or send an email that helps them increase their awareness of the problem (while carrying a few details of how your product seeks to remedy it). The costs of healthcare are high enough as they are but you can reduce it by helping doctors avert the costly consequences of neglected medications!

B2B Lead Generation – Does Government Involvement Really Impact The Healthcare Market?

Healthcare TelemarketingSupporters of the Obama administration had a good reason to celebrate when Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of the President’s highly controversial health care reform. In a nutshell, the goal of this reform was to allow more Americans have access to more affordable healthcare services.

However, does it really have as much of an impact in the end? According to a recent report from CNNMoney, this might not be the case. Surprisingly, one of the reasons as to why is based on the simple logic that higher quality healthcare obviously means higher costs. For example, you have robotic surgery:

“New technologies, such as robotic surgery, are growing rapidly. More than 36% of hospitals already perform robotic surgery, according to a report from PwC’s Health Research Institute. These high-cost procedures improve the quality of care but they also push up costs for consumers, the research firm said. ”

Another subject of debate is the impact of mandating healthcare insurance. While employers are now tasked with providing health insurance to their employees, it doesn’t look like that the costs themselves are going down (regardless of who’s doing the actual paying):

“At the same time, consumers are paying a bigger share of their medical bill than before. Why? Because insurers are shifting more of the payment burden onto customers through higher co-payments, co-insurance and deductibles.”

Now whether you’re for or against the reform, it’s hard to argue against these simple facts. These same facts are pointing in a direction that either says government involvement has little impact on a market or the process becomes so complicated by the numerous parties involved that the results end up being mixed. Finally, you have the impartial nature of such involvement which means it’s not just your side of the playing field that’s being affected. Consider the following factors for instance:

  • Competitors – So what if this reform does result in its intended ‘benefits’. These same benefits could work to the advantage of your competitors as much as yourself. How do you expect to have an edge over them?
  • Costs – On the other hand, if this reform does turn out for the worst and healthcare costs continue to rise, where’s your advantage? An increase in costs can be bad news when your target market suffers from lack of affordability. It’s also bad news for competitors. Again, where is your edge?
  • Forced Compliance – Whether it’s individuals or entire business organizations, does counting on the government for pressure really set them in the mood to appreciate your products and services? More likely, it’s just pressure. Period. There’s no desire to learn and as a result, your customers end up having little understanding about what they’re getting themselves into.

Frankly, even a telemarketing campaign can have a more positive impact on your business (and your business alone) than counting on a government mandate that affects the whole playing field. Sure it might seem that there are other positive changes but ultimately, is there really much of an impact on your own business? The facts seem to either say no or are too convoluted that you might as well be more proactive with your own marketing efforts.

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Medical Lead Generation Tips – How You Can Generate More Leads Online

medical leads, marketing in healthcare, generate medical leadsAs a business, it’s important to find the right marketing mix that generates a good amount of leads. When you’re a medical company, this becomes a bit more difficult since your target industry isn’t exactly some place you can laze about and draw in business proposals. So, where can you turn to and go for more chances at finding business opportunities?

The answer to the question above is online! You’ve probably already heard about social media and just how much of an in-thing it is right now. A lot of marketers and businesses have begun using social media, and a lot of them are learning how to do it really fast. The whole deal about using social media for business is that… well, it’s effective. Want to know how you can generate medical leads online through using social media elements and material? If so, then let’s get to the following tips:

Create “interesting” content – Content is one of the things that fuels the social media marketing engine. When we say the word “interesting” here, we are referring to content that isn’t just something that seems interesting to everyday people, rather we are talking about content that you think would be beneficial to your prospects, clients, and medical leads. Are you an avid blogger? Do you contribute to online article directories? If yes, then you can start by being less product-centered and more focused on providing the type of information people look for from companies such as yours, in this case that being data and knowledge in regards to the medical field of marketing.

Start being social – What do we mean by being social? Well, in this case, it means having a presence on social networks. You have a lot to choose from: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a whole lot more others you can find online. Why does it help to be social? The answer to that is because you have access to an audience that grows by the second! Facebook has been know to generate and obtain new users every second, so from that you can already gauge just how many people you can start exposing your company to. Aside from that, it helps to connect with your medical leads through a social network. Some marketers and decision makers say that they are more receptive to people they have connected with on a social network than those that just send them emails and make cold calls.

Direct more traffic back to your site – What makes being social so helpful to your cause is that it directs your prospects and medical leads back to your main site. But aside from that, if you do direct more traffic back to your site, it means that you’re going to need to spruce up your layout a bit, as well as what content is on it. If you keep a company blog, one thing you can do is to put up pictures so that readers have something to look at as they read, and gives them a glimpse of the message your current blog post. Aside from that, image SEO is something you should exploit while not that many people are using it as of now. And images as we all know are part of social media, therefore contributing to your social media marketing efforts.

These are just a few tips to help your medical company generate leads via online means. Don’t just stick to the traditional methods of marketing, go social and be online! Sure enough, marketing in healthcare is better when you employ social media elements.

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Marketing in Healthcare – Partner Up with a Medical Telemarketing Company!

marketing in healthcare, health related services, medical telemarketing, telemarketing, telemarketers, lead generationMarketing in healthcare is not something you can hope to do without proper planning. Then again, the same thing goes for any marketing campaign that you plan to launch. Without the proper idea on what to do in your head, you probably won’t get very far, no matter how unique your approach is. So when you want to make sales such as offering health related services to different businesses that you target, then you’re going to need all the help you can get. One way you can do this is to employ the services of a reliable telemarketing company. However, you don’t want to be working with just any old telemarketing firm, you want to be partnering with one that specializes in performing medical telemarketing.

Making use of BPO (business process outsourcing) services can do wonders for a lot of businesses. Most companies find that generating qualified sales leads is too much of a trying task to accomplish alone and choose to buy leads instead, or even hire a third party to help them generate them. Telemarketing companies can also function as lead generators, having a slight edge above the competition because of their background of being salespeople. This means that they know well enough on how your team works to make sales so they understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish. But instead of making sales on your behalf, they instead can be tasked to generate sales leads and probe the market for those that show interest in your health related products and services. Marketing in the field of healthcare is no easy thing to do and you may find that a medical telemarketing company will be one of your best allies in tackling this market.

As stated earlier, you cannot hope to do marketing in the healthcare industry without the proper planning having been done prior to the launch of your campaign. If you just suddenly jump into it based entirely on your “gut feeling”, then you will not get very far. You are dealing with businessmen here, however they are of a completely different caliber than the ones you’re used to dealing with. Some of these people are practitioners and professionals within the medical field, making them high-quality prospects but a the same time people who you cannot sway with a bunch of good-sounding words together to come up with some signature tag-line to try and draw their attention. If you want to have an effective campaign in this field, then you’ll be needing the services of a medical telemarketing company even more.

Telemarketers that work for medical telemarketing companies understand the market. They even go as far as to understand your products and services down to the bone, making sure that they have all the concepts right and can create the best calling scripts and ways to approach your prospects. Since they are calling on your behalf, their professionalism and way of conversing with your prospects can heavily determine the outcome of a single call; it can go from good to bad in a single misplaced word. But if they know how to act in accordance to the matter, then you can expect them to generate a good amount of medical sales leads for you. Now, telemarketing may not seem like the most amazing approach to doing lead generation, but it does work, and amazingly at that. So if you want to tackle the medical industry and healthcare market, then consider having a medical telemarketing company as a partner.

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Business and Call Center Support with Medical Telemarketers

medical telemarketing, medical leads, medical call centerDoing business on the playing field of the medical industry is comparatively different; it is not the same with working with regular companies and businesses. When you try to make a sales call with a doctor, you cannot just use the same words when that you use when talking to the CEO of a company you want to strike a deal with. Unlike regular business where making a profit is sometimes the main objective, those in the medical field want functionality and efficiency in how they go about their duties, such as purchasing the latest medical equipment or purchasing new medicine. So with that in mind, you can’t expect to get the same results when you use the same business tactics.

Enter medical telemarketing firms, companies who have the know how and reliability when it comes to doing business in the medical and healthcare industry. If you are having a hard time with marketing your products and services within the medical field, then perhaps it is time to consider employing a medical telemarketing firm to help you out.

Now, what would you need done for you once you’ve chosen a firm to work with? First, you need to discuss about what you do with your chosen medical telemarketing firm. It is important that you tell them in detail about what you do, what products and services that you offer, and that they understand fully all those details. They’ll be making sales calls to your prospective customers for you so they should be able to give well thought-out replies when a query is raised by the prospect. After all, when a prospect is speaking to someone on the phone, the credibility of the caller is in question. But when the telemarketer knows fully what he/she is selling, then it gives a sense of reliability to the prospect that he/she is speaking to a trustworthy person, or someone who works directly for the company.

The next thing to be done for your medical telemarketing campaign is generating medical leads. Leads are important because you really want to know who your prospects are and to see if they are interested in what you are offering. The competition is fierce and you need to have as much of an edge as possible in order to close sales with your prospects before your competitors do. Fortunately, when it comes to lead generation, telemarketers are some of the best to do it. Many telemarketers make use of cold-calling in doing lead generation, one of the best approaches to generate leads and get the needed information from prospects they speak to. You’ll be surprised at how many good medical leads can be generated during a lead generation campaign. Once you have enough medical leads, or maybe even an entire list of medical leads, then you can task your telemarketers to do B2B appointment setting. Soon enough, you may find yourself closing deal after deal when you have a good medical telemarketing firm to help you out.

A call center for medical business may just be the thing you need to get business going for your company. Also, these experienced firms also offer other services, some of which may be to your liking and needs.

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Some Helpful Marketing Tips for Medical Marketing

medical leads, medical lead generation, medical telemarketing, lead generationCold-calling is single-handedly one of the best methods of generating leads. For medical companies, this is one way in which they can acquire medical leads. Some say that cold-calling is NOT a sales activity, but more of a lead generation method. You may also hear some people say that you shouldn’t force a sales meeting during a cold-call. So, if these things are said to you, what would you start thinking? Is cold-calling for medical leads not that effective if it IS NOT a sales activity? And what do we mean by not forcing a sales meeting during the course of a cold-call? Let’s get into that right now.

Cold-calling is NOT a sales activity? – Cold-calling can both be a sales activity and not a sales activity. It all really depends on how it is used. At one point, a company that employs cold-calling for medical leads may merely do it to connect with their clients and prospects, as well as to conduct quick survey calls to gain an idea of what the market and current preferences of each individual company are. At another time, another company may start doing cold-calling but the difference being that they start “selling” instead of using the traditional approach of generating an interest within their products and services. So, cold-calling can be used both purely as a sales activity, or just an activity to perform medical lead generation without the intention of making a sale upon initial contact with their prospects.

Sales meeting during a cold-call? Yes or no? – When using cold-calls to generate medical leads, it really depends on the marketer who is making the call. Medical telemarketing is a medium which can be used for increasing sales and for better lead generation efforts, however it falls entirely upon the marketer involved. Still, it may not be wise to force a sales meeting upon a prospect during the course of a cold-call. This is because cold-calls are, in essence, random calls that are made to prospects. They have no knowledge that they were about to be called, unless of course the company that is doing the calls uses opt-in mechanisms such as emails. Moving on, put yourself in the shoes of your prospect. How would you feel if you receive a call out of the blue from a marketer, and he isn’t the accommodating type, but rather the type that is pushy and tries to force you into agreeing into a sales meeting. If you think about it, it isn’t pleasant, is it? So, during the course of a cold-call, you MAY go for a sales meeting, but make sure to secure the interests of your prospect before you start.

Cold-calling is a great medium which can be used by marketers for medical lead generation. All that is needed is that the marketer have proper knowledge on what to do and what not to do during the course of the call. Hopefully these marketing tips give some much needed help and advice to those who need it. Make use of these marketing tips for generating medical leads and see how they affect your campaigns.

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Medical Telemarketing Services – Providing Services for Sales and Call Center Support

medical telemarketing, medical telemarketing company, lead generation, B2B appointment setting, medical telemarketing call centerMedical telemarketing is quite a useful service to invest into for companies that want to market in the medical and healthcare field. Not just for companies, medical telemarketing and medical call center services can also be used to provide medical and healthcare facilities with some support which they may need. So, here is a small list of what medical telemarketers and medical telemarketing call centers can be hired for.

B2B Lead Generation / Cold-Calling Services Lead generation and cold-calling services are one of the many reasons as to why business entities employ call center services. Even in the medical and healthcare industry, you can only get so far without medical leads in your hands. So for companies that do not have in-house lead generation departments, they outsource with medical telemarketing companies that offer lead generation services. Sure enough, the capabilities of a medical telemarketing company in doing lead generation and cold-calling are to be marveled at. They are experts at it, generating lead after lead and providing satisfactory, and even highly exceptional results.

B2B Appointment Setting – Aside from just medical leads, some companies rely on medical telemarketing service providers as a means to get in close contact with their prospects. Telemarketing in itself is already a direct marketing approach, but appointment setting gets them even closer. A business appointment with a prospect is, after all, one of the best ways to start a business relationship and one where you can nurture your prospects into sales-ready leads in the future. So more than just for obtaining leads, the expertise of a medical telemarketing company also falls in B2B appointment setting.

Call Center Support Services – There are some tasks which some medical facilities cannot handle, especially incoming calls during off-hours. For this, they sometimes hire medical telemarketing call centers as additional support for them. This can range from doing a variety of tasks, such as making follow-up calls to patients as to inform them of any appointments, providing support during a hospital’s off-hours, and to perform other tasks which can be handled easily through the phone, or handles with ease by a skilled telemarketer. Basically, call center support is important to companies and other entities within the medical field. Outsourcing already offers them the opportunity to obtain the services they need, and what’s more is that it’s at a lower cost.

Event Telemarketing – At some point, you may be holding a seminar, trade show, or business convention. We’re pretty sure that you want to invite as many prospects and clients as can to this. That is why through the help of a medical telemarketing services provider, you can task them to handle making phone invites. With a direct approach such as this, you can reach plenty of your prospects and clients over a short span of time. Also, since it is a direct approach, your prospects and clients can ask questions during the call, any questions they may have in regards to the event, and the telemarketer can readily answer with details you’ve provided them with. This approach has been known to produce a good amount of results, especially because everything is done in real-time.

These are just a few of the services that a medical telemarketing company can offer businesses and other entities within the healthcare and medical field. Sure enough, these services are a much wanted helping hand, be it for sales or just additional support.