We answer your need for warm and hot B2B leads in regards to medical sales. With that in mind, we put our telemarketing teams to work by tasking them to do cold-calling in order to generate healthcare leads. We push our medical telemarketing skills to the limit in order to assure you that we generate high-quality leads and with each one, maximize your chances of closing a deal and/or increasing the chances for repeat business.

First, we generate a list of your possible targets based on parameters you provide us with (what line of business/industry you want to target, based on location). Then we proceed to formulate a script and then make our call to your prospects, and/or send them an e-mail for introduction or as a follow-up. Once contact has been established, we proceed to qualify them based on their budget, authority of the contact within the company, what their needs are and their timeline.

Through our telemarketing and lead generation process, we can identify and stimulate the interests of your prospects in regards to your healthcare products and services, and other things you offer under the medical field.

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