Ensuring Quality Leads for Quality Healthcare

Health Leads Plus offers professional telemarketing services such as B2B lead generation, B2B appointment setting, list management services, and event telemarketing specifically for the healthcare industry.

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The Story Behind
Health Leads Plus

We started out in 2004 and have continued to provide excellent service to our clients up to the present. We are a marketing arm that serves all types of clients, from small companies even to corporate powerhouses. We provide top of the line B2B telemarketing services, skilled and professional staff using state-of-the-art technology.

As a telemarketing services provider for healthcare products and services, we have tailored ourselves to be able to work effectively and efficiently with our clients…

Health Leads Plus

Our Approach

Our lead generation campaigns are planned solely for the purpose of improving your firm’s sales output and number of clients. We can handle your advertising needs, need for healthcare sales leads, and manage your lists and effectively help you penetrate the market so that you can make more sales. In executing these campaigns, we employ experienced, professional telemarketers for every process be it B2B lead generation, B2B appointment setting, or even event telemarketing.

When it comes to marketing your medical products and services to your potential clients, or even to advertise and get word about your company out into the world, we can formulate strategies that can accomplish them all. Expect change in your sales and in your business when working with our medical telemarketing firm as the approaches we deploy are planned to perfection to ensure the success of a campaign and to bring in the requested, if not more, number of business appointments and leads. We know more ways than one when it comes to making sales happen and stimulating interest in your healthcare products and services.

What Can We Do For You Through Information Health Leads Plus Services?

Lead Generation Services

We provide targeted B2B lead generation solutions exclusively tailored for the healthcare sector. We carry out marketing campaigns aimed at acquiring warm and hot leads that translate into medical sales.

Appointment Setting

Setting sales appointments in the healthcare sector requires the right combination of people, process, and platform to be successful. We have all three essential components covered.

List Management

Good marketing data is a key element of a successful B2B marketing program. We provide a full set of list management solutions for keeping your marketing and business database clean, up-to-date, useful, and compliant.

Event Telemarketing

We help boost the ROI of your tradeshows, conferences, conventions, seminars and other functions with our event telemarketing services. We make use of targeted phone calls to increase event registrations/attendance and nurture prospects through post-event follow-ups.

Inject sales leads into your pipeline